Graphics For Business – Sometimes Bold Is Better

Graphics For Business – Sometimes Bold Is Better

From corporate giants to local startups, most business owners would agree that having a brand that stands out – that captures the identity of the company – is paramount to success. Taking an idea and re-imaging it into a logo or sign can be a difficult process. You want something that excites potential clients, that is true to the identity of your company, and that doesn’t look like what everyone else has.

Fortunately, there are professionals who take your idea and help you design your brand and then build the products (signs, business cards, or banners, for example) that you need to promote your business and connect with potential clients. And, sometimes, what you really need to create a buzz and to be authentic to your company’s identity are a design and product that are bold, unique, and different.

Bold Beyond Colors And Fonts

Say your showroom is large and winding. You want customers to be able to see their path and be able to comfortably move within the flow of your layout. Sure, you could have directional signs on pillars or taped to the walls. Or, you could consider a sign that takes up the entire wall, or even two sides of a pillar. One that has three dimensions and uses shadows to create strong juxtaposition, combining artistry with basic function of saying, “Go this way.”

If you have a roadside shop that utilizes sidewalk signs, like coffee shops or boutiques, maybe instead of a basic upright sign, you can consider a hanging vertical sign – something just different enough to be seen instead of something people try not to bump into.r

Bold doesn’t have to mean bright colors (though sometimes bright colors are just the thing) or fonts that require squinting while reading. Bold is finding what suits you and your business beyond “just” the norm. Bold is leaving an impression and having that sign or that logo that people can remember.

And sometimes, bold is simplicity done differently. Check out these examples:

So, if you feel like your business could use some updated style, check out a design shop (like, would we plug the business here, or just keep this in general?) and see where boldness can fit into your company’s picture. We’re located in Raleigh and can help anytime!