How Corporate Wall Wraps Improve Your Company’s Office Culture

How Corporate Wall Wraps Improve Your Company’s Office Culture

It may sound like a bold claim but, to answer the question posed in the title, yes. Having office decorations, like wall wraps, has an important impact on your office dynamics. This is not just conjecture. It’s been shown by numerous studies. In an article on this topic in The New Yorker, this was made clear in interviews with researchers and consideration of the available data. They concluded:  

“In the past decade, several studies have suggested that workers in an “enriched” office—one decorated with posters, prints, office plants, and the like—are more satisfied and productive than those who work in stripped-down, “lean” offices that are designed to minimize disruptions and expense.”

Decor may seem trivial, but in a cut-throat business world where even the slightest edge can make the difference between you and a rival, any advantage is important. Here are some points to consider on how and why wall wraps and other office decor can improve your office environment.

  1. Productivity – As cited above, having a work environment that suggests fun, unity and other positive emotional cues, will make a real and noticeable difference in your employees output.
  2. Recruitment – With modern companies competing for who can be the most relevant and approachable for their employees, trying to recruit promising potential workers to a drab, sterile office could be a major disadvantage. It could even lead to you losing talent to competitors.
  3. Team Spirit – Having your company logo, and maybe your motto or vision statement, on the wall will lead to an increased sense of belonging among employees. They will begin to identify with the company and feel a sense of purpose in their work.
  4. Client Impressions – If you are showing prospective clients around your workspace, you don’t want give the impression you are a company of yesterday. A forward-looking company with an engaged and productive workforce will win the day. Having effective wall wraps with your company logo and other key company information can make all the difference.
  5. Ease of Identification – If someone is searching for your business, that could mean a sale is at stake. Wall wraps can make your business more easily identifiable, especially in office buildings where multiple companies reside.

The evidence is clear, having wall wraps, and other office decor, can be a major upgrade to your office environment. There is a chain reaction when your employees are happier and more productive that you will notice in your bottom line. If you are in the Raleigh Durham area, talk to us about how to incorporate wall wraps in your office decor plan. We will be happy to consult on placement and design that will be perfect for you and your employees. .